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Lyon: Ready, Set, Go !

Daniel Deusser and Cornet D'Amour

The fourth step of the European World Cup league will he held this week in Lyon, France. It's one of the most emblematic event in France for the equestrian world, it's the meating of the year for the indoor jumping and dressage seasons.

Alberto Zorzi takes the lead !

Alterto Zorzi

Alberto Zorzi, the Italian is now the new leader for the European World Cup circuit. Kevin Staut was leading until the Verona step of the competition. In less than one year the Italian rider has become one of the top riders in the world, he has become a big strengh for the Italian team, that can count on him each time, aside Lorenzo de Luca. The next competition will be held in France, in Lyon more exactly, will he be still leading?

Michael Van Der Vleuten is the man !

Michael Van der Vleuten and Verdi

Michael Van der Vleuten one the third step of the European World Cup league with his famous and incredible Verdi ! The competition was intense, the course was hard, but this little stalion fought until the end!